Entrepreneur and Visionary Steve Killelea Joins the Unite 4 Peace Campaign
The Founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace has joined with PartnersGlobal, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and engageSimply to promote the International Day of Peace.
Ali Farhat , Editor | Feb 1, 2019
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Washington, D.C., August 24th, 2017

PartnersGlobal, the Alliance for Peacebuilding, and engageSimply announce that Steve Killelea, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace, has joined the Unite 4 Peace campaign to help bring the world together for the International Day of Peace on September 21.

Steve was the first person to ask the question, “What is the world’s most peaceful country,” then to develop a methodology – captured in the yearly Global Peace Index, and Positive Peace Index – to measure the world’s nations by their peacefulness. Steve is an accomplished high-tech entrepreneur, skilled in international business and at the forefront of philanthropic activities focused on sustainable development and peace. After successfully building two international software companies, Steve founded the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), an international think tank dedicated to building a greater understanding of the interconnection between business, peace and economics with a particular emphasis on the economic benefits of peace. Steve’s founding of IEP was recognized as one of the 50 most impactful philanthropic gifts in Australia’s history, and in 2013 Steve was nominated one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Armed Violence Reduction” by the UK group Action on Armed Violence.

“I really applaud this effort. Peace is the necessary precondition for a vibrant and happy society. There is much debate today over what constitutes a ‘human right’ but surely the most fundamental human right is to be free of violence. The sad truth is that peace will only come about through the concerted actions of the peaceful. That is why I support the Unite 4 Peace campaign.” - Steve Killelea

PartnersGlobal, Alliance for Peacebuilding, and engageSimply are honored to collaborate withSteve Killelea to ensure that the International Day of Peace becomes a reality for the billions of people around the world living in conflict zones. According to Melanie Greenberg, AfP’s CEO:

“Steve Killelea combines deep humanitarian spirit with unparalleled analytical and entrepreneurial drive, creating frameworks that define peace in a turbulent age. We look forward to working together to ensure that the International Day of Peace spreads to every corner of the globe, and extends well beyond a specific day in September.”

About PartnersGlobal

PartnersGlobal works through a global network to create partnerships with local change leadersto transform conflict, strengthen democratic institutions, and achieve sustainable development. PartnersGlobal has a vision for the world where all of us–communities, governments,organizations, and businesses – work together to peacefully manage change.

About Alliance for Peacebuilding

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is the institutional home for the peacebuilding community – a network of over 100 organizations working to resolve conflict and create sustainable peace in 153 countries. Its partners span a range of sectors, including environment, education, unarmed citizen protection, business, media, the arts, and more – all working toward the shared goal of peace. AfP amplifies the voices of peacebuilders worldwide, tackling issues too large for any one organization to address alone.

About engageSimply

engageSimply, the first-of-its-kind programmatic solution, fuses the science of programmatic semantic targeting with content distribution and optimization. Powered by a new class of contextual data, engageSimply’s platform allows brands to engage the correct audiences around trending topics, simply. Investors include Mogility Capital and the company is headquartered in New York, with offices in Los Angeles and the Ukraine.

Contact Info

  • Judy Shapiro, CEO & Founder, engageSimply: judyshapiro@engagesimply.com
  • Melanie Greenberg, President & CEO, Alliance for Peacebuilding: melaniecg@allianceforpeacebuilding.org
  • Julia Roig, President, PartnersGlobal: jroig@partnersglobal.org
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